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Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 jan 2009- photoshoot with Jomstar.Com....

at 10 am i reach at Desa Pandan with Farah...after we take our breakfast, we went to the jomstar.com office..which is just near by from the mamak restaurant..
then it all start there..photo shoot session start at 12pm.. at first we had a few shoot in the studio..
after that we go out to shoot at the old building which is a little bit scary..but its okay for us..
as long the pic looks great..we gain lots of interesting adventure and experience..
and i really hope everything will go as i planned before..just like my dream..:)

all the pictures i will update as soon as i have the cd..kay..
oh yes,...btw this is my website..and u all are welcome to view...
thank you for all your support..
i really appriciate it personally...

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