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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the perfect and complete healthy balance diet for everyone..


What is Colostrum?
~nature's first food
~the pre-milk liquid provided for all newborn mammals.
~it is produced before normal milk.
~it contains literally hundreds of elements and compounds that are vital for health.
~Cow's colostrum is perfectly suited for human consumption.
~it contains up to 20 times more immune factors than human colostrum.

The specialty of alpha lipid colostrum..
~contains ANTIBODY (immunoglobulin) to fight all sorts of bacteria, virus and pathogen infection.
~Increases body resistance to fight illness.
~Alpha Lipid Formula - 100% effective and easily absorbed.
~contains natural vitamin, mineral, calcium, etc..enough for daily needs.
~contains growth factor important for cell recovery process and anti-aging.
~highly suitable for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.
~help to reduce body weight, control sugar contents in blood.
~help to cure all sorts of diseases such as DIABETICS, HIGH BLOOD,GOUT,GASTRIC,HEPATITIS,BLOOD DEFICIENCY,INFERTILITY and all sorts of nutrients for the best health for humans..

What are the effect of Alpha lipid?
~stabilise emotion and stress
~stabilise sugar level in blood
~increase mental capacity
~reduce risks of heart disease
~increase physical performance
~contains youth preservation substance
~contains anti-inflammation substance
~making teeth & bones healthier
~increase intenstine absorption
~increase body resistance function
~neutralise virus/bacteria/fungus infection
~accelerate healing of tissue laceration
~kill parasites in the body
~increase stamina and strength
~improves constipation problems
~increase skin tone and elasticity

"Colostrum is so safe, it has been prepared by nature as the first food.It would be hard to imagine any nutritional substance more natural and beneficial" ~ International Institute of Nutritional Research, USA.~

How to take it?
~ simple mix 1 scoop of the powder with 150ml water..DO NOT USE HOT/WARM WATER!!!!
~Take on empty stomach..
~colostrum is safe and natural to the mammalian body.
~there is no limit to the amount u can take..

for further info, plis ask me(miss carol nisa)

thank you..

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