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Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Is the Age of the Home-Based Business, Says Expert Economist Paul Zane Pilzer

The wellness industry is a US$700 billion industry, and MonaVie distributors will help it grow to a trillion-dollar industry and beyond.

That’s the message world-renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer delivered to MonaVie distributors Friday, 10 June, during the International “Imagine” Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Pilzer opened his keynote speech with the cheerfully received assertion that we live in an era where “virtually anyone can become a millionaire.”

Describing what he calls the “democratisation of wealth,” Pilzer explained that in 1991, there were 3.6 million millionaire families in the United States. That number has doubled and even tripled to 10 million millionaire families today.

“Millionaires are the fastest growing minority,” Pilzer said. “What I find so fascinating about millionaires is that at some point in their lives, they all made the choice that they would become millionaires.”

By virtue of their saying “yes” to the MonaVie opportunity, MonaVie distributors are certainly included in that rarefied group of individuals Pilzer refers to. And, according to Pilzer, the time has never been better to make up your mind to be a millionaire. Why? Well, that’s simple: home-based businesses.

We Are Living in the Age of the Home-Based Business
An economic adviser in two U.S. presidential administrations, Pilzer says that today’s independent entrepreneur is set up for success more so than in any other period in history. One reason is technology. In a time when the best tools and technology are continually being designed, upgraded, and redesigned and upgraded again, home-based business owners have access to the best technology available.

Another advantage for today’s home-based business owner is transaction costs, or the lack thereof. As Pilzer explained, entrepreneurs have been historically reluctant to break away from the traditional career path of working for someone else because of daunting transaction costs.

In other words, most people believe that it takes more work to run a business than it’s really worth, or than they can afford. Today, Pilzer says, transaction costs are non-existent thanks to the home-based business model. So, what’s really at the heart of choosing to be a home-based business owner is the degree to which you desire to decide your own lifestyle and your own hours, allowing the entrepreneur inside to emerge.

The Wellness Revolution
Establishing that network marketing is the best way to become one of the world’s next millionaires, the question then becomes “What type of products should I sell in the network marketing industry?” Pilzer says the answer lies in the following statistic:

Today, 211 million Americans are overweight or obese; that’s 68 percent of the U.S. population. And what’s more, weight and health now define people’s social and economic opportunities.

“Economics is the main reason we have obesity,” Pilzer says. “It’s easier to sell more products to existing customers than it is to get new customers.”

Pilzer says the upshot of this economic truth is that fast food and junk food companies spend millions chemically altering their foods in a way that ensures consumers never tire of their products.

Consequently, consumers spend twice as much at the fast-food counter as they do on healthy food sources.

That’s where MonaVie and the aforementioned $700 billion wellness industry step in to make a difference in the world—not just with our products, but financially as well.

“The wellness industry proactively provides products that people need to improve and maintain their health,” Pilzer says. “As an economist, it’s exciting to see MonaVie grow and the impact you’re having on the world. I’m expecting great things from you, and I know you won’t disappoint me.”

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